Q: What kind of wood is used?

A: All of our pipes are made from Italian or Algerian briar with vulcanite stems. Some of our specialty briar has been aged for 20+ years which provides a richer, deeper tone of the wood grain.

Q: Is there a type of tobacco recommended for particular pipe styles?

A: There are a variety of tobacco cuts and blends sold on the market today. All types will smoke well in our pipes, however the key is finding one you enjoy. We highly recommend visiting your local tobacco shop to understand the ease, availability, and packing difficulty of each cut. Ribbon or shag cut tobacco is very common and the easiest to pack into a pipe. We recommend trying an aromatic blend to start out.


Q: How do I smoke a pipe?

A: Once you have a pipe in hand and tobacco secured, the next step is to pack the pipe bowl. This is an important step to successful smoking but also the most difficult to master. There are a few different methods, but one we recommend is to fill the ____________________


Q: How do I place a custom order?

A: To place a custom order, please contact us using the inquiry form on our website, or send an email direct to occasionalpipeco@gmail.com. We'd love to hear what you have in mind!

Q: How do I store my pipe?